• try this trick and spin it, yeah
  • there was a time when I loved you
  • and we'll make it right- oh be in love
  • forgotten wine
  • ohyouh
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  • Foxtail & Fern Dress in Merlot
  • Projected Intellect Blazer
  • Peckham Order Skirt
  • Winter Forest Wedding
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  • Camille's Car [Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon]
  • Richard Topham's House [Secret of the Old Clock]
  • Jane Penvellyn's Room [Curse of Blackmoor Manor]
  • The Ranch House [The Secret of Shadow Ranch]

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Simba
  • Snow White
  • Tramp

  • what if it haunts me forever??
  • you're my medicine
  • wat even is life tho man
  • there are days that I cannot find the sun even though its right outside my goddamn window.

  • i don't need anything, i don't need anyone
  • deep in the haze
  • waited for this day
  • promise me a place
  • rupture
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  • A Sweater A Day...
  • - This Is A Story Of A Girl, Who Cried A River And Drowned The Whole World.
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  • ill be screaming out your name from the back row
  • last night i had the strangest dream...
  • baby, please don't loose your faith in the good earth...
  • don't stop, don't stop...

  • Class to Night Out: Midi Skirt
  • Fab Find: Old Navy Railroad Stripe Jeans - Mostly Monochrome
  • Fab Find: Old Navy Railroad Stripe Jeans - Polished & Ladylike
  • Fab Find: Old Navy Railroad Stripe Jeans - Spring Green

  • "And there she goes. She was sitting really nice with her head full of advice from friends. She walks around. She tries to rearrange, but everything goes under her bed."
  • "I'm gonna take my time to say, take my time today. I'm gonna take what comes my way, take what they give me."
  • "The desert’s sunrise was a feast to our eyes. The dry heat and hot wind, caressing our skin. We'll go no further, we'll build us a home here, for a time, not forever, just you and I, dear."
  • "Let's go take a drive and think about our lives, passing through meridians of greater times. I was on a different road, but now I've found my home within you."